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Learn the 5-step formula to gather requirements effectively with zero tech and zero domain

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Here’s what you’re going to discover:-

Day 1 –How to launch your business analysis career with zero technical knowledge?

Day 2 – How to identify business needs of your customers using the 5W formula? 

Day 3 – How to create requirement gathering questions using the 10 minute RET template?

Day 4 – How to conduct an effective requirement gathering meeting for maximum engagement and results?

Format of the class:

  • Every day a recorded video will be released by 6 pm IST which will contain the lesson for the day.

  • Activities will be given to students every day based lesson for the day.

  • Students who complete all three assignment will be given Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 badges

  • Whatsapp group will open for questions every day between 8 to 9 pm IST


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Rashmi Varghese - Module lead at Marsh Mclennan Companies

I had the privilege of attending one of Sajana's Business Analysis workshop. She is an outstanding trainer with rich experience in BA. She is knowledgeable with strong conceptual clarity and a good communicator. I strongly recommend her sessions.